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"The best reason to go meatless since The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." Unflinchingly unsettling and macabre." -Pophorror.com



A man documents his girlfriend's 35th birthday on his phone. What he captures throughout the night are the most disturbing human acts imaginable.



 Mario Cerrito III


 Mario Cerrito III


 Wataru NishidaAndrew HunsickerZachary Pun Chung | See full cast & crew »

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Meet The Cast


Wataru Nishida

Jin Yamamoto

Wataru Nishida is an actor, known for Human Hibachi (2020), Japanese Borscht (2019) and The Porns.


Elizabeth Gaynor

Katie Williams

Elizabeth Gaynor is an actress and producer, known for The Worry Doll (2019), Cage the Bear - The Black Bang (2018) and Human Hibachi (2020).


Reo Suzuki

Sopheaktra Theng is an actor, known for Mirrors (2018), What Death Leaves Behind (2018) and Jade (Superhero) (2018)


John Campanile

Phil Maxwell

John Campanile is an actor and producer, known for A Cartel Story (2015), Adios Vaya Con Dios (2014) and Perennials.


Stafford Chavis

Bobby Shields

Stafford Chavis was born to gloria and columbus kershaw,in brooklyn new york city... staffords mom was seminal indian on her mother's side of the family and Bahamian from her father's side of the family. gloria worked as legal aid secretary while Stafford's dad was a musician from Philadelphia in fact staffords cousins are the talented cuba gooding while his twin sang backup in the great group "stylistics"RnB soul group of the 1970s.. As far stafford can remember he always wanted to be in entertainment..he was always the comedic life of the party.. after a short stint in professional football and a long career as nyc police detective stafford assessed his life and concluded "hey my children are each successful adults let me do my thing. So he did pursue his dreams, passions with aspirations with confidence of becoming a versatile entertainer focusing on film....stafford hasn't looked back and continues to make huge strides in the hollywood industry...stafford says he owes his success to his higher power in which he gives the glory to and his nucleus his heart and soul who taught him how to be a man his mother may she rest in peace...stafford concludes by saying" stay tuned the blueprint is still evolving.


K. Andrew Deffley

Product Manager

K. Andrew Deffley is known for his work on I Love Ryan? (2015), The Counterparts (2014) and Mutual Friends (2016).


Andrew Hunsicker

John Mitchell

In 1983, Andrew was accepted into the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts summer program. He didn't go. And he regretted that decision.

Over the past 35 years, through one lovely marriage, four beautiful children, two picket fences, one long corporate career, two stints in rehab and countless hours of study with great acting teachers such as Mike Lemon, Drucie McDaniel and Kenneth McGregor, Andrew came to learn that the key to acting is the same as the key to life. And that is, as James Cagney said, "Know your lines, show up on time, look them in the eye and tell the truth."

Since late 2013, Andrew has been back gratefully pursuing his dream and has had the pleasure of working on over 100 projects including TV, films (short and feature length), music videos, commercials, and voice over work.


Carley Harper

Meghan Cole

Carley Harper is an actress, known for The RunnerHuman Hibachi (2020) and Rebel (2018). 


Carmine Giordano

Brian S.

Carmine Giordano is an actor and producer, known for Messenger of Wrath (2017), The Fearless Two (2019) and Impact Event (2018).


Zachary Pun Chung


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Jeff Alpert

Doug Patrick

Vincent Filipelli

The Butcher